Communication and Networking

Communication and networking skills are very important in career development. Great careers do not happen accidentally, it requires persistence, introspection, with the right people to achieve this. Most people would benefit from knowing more about career development and the skills that one can employ to ensure that they are developing their career at a pace that is acceptable to them. Career development is not a one time thing that one does; it is a lengthy process that requires one to set milestones for each stage that they are in with regards to their career.

In today’s competitive business environment, developing one’s career requires more than just a good education and job experience. One has to have an edge over the thousands of other well educated experienced individuals that are after the same position or career path as you are. Communication and networking skills are some of the skills that one needs to learn if they are going to get this edge.

Effective communication skills form the heart of networking as well as career success. Most employers look for strong communication skills in their potential employees. Being able to communicate with clients, co-workers and upper management is of utmost importance. One has to be able to convey their thoughts if the job is to be done properly; ideas that are stuck in your mind are of no use to anyone even to yourself. Often, you will find that people that are promoted in the various jobs are not usually promoted because of the technical skills that they possess but because of the communication and networking skills that they possess.

Communication involves both listening to other people and getting people to see things your way. If you do not listen to other people’s ideas or suggestions then it is unlikely that you will ever learn anything new. Furthermore, they will not be open to listening to what you have to say; people will usually give you what you dish out.

With regards to networking, one has to mix with the ‘right people’ in order to advance their career. Mentorship is one way to achieve this; find someone that is an expert in your field and learn as much as you can from them.

Always talk to your boss and ask her/him to tell you ways in which you can do your job better. Office parties are also a great place to network with peers and superiors. Such events provide an opportunity to make use of one’s communication and networking skills to go up the career ladder. – Your guide to climbing the Corporate Ladder


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There is Now More Opportunity Than Ever For Single Mothers to Advance Their Education

Being a single mother has traditionally never placed one in an attractive situation. Until recently, in fact, it usually made the furthering of education an unachievable goal, placing single mothers in a position that did not allow much upward mobility due to the responsibilities at hand. Times have changed, however, and there is now more opportunity than ever for single mothers to advance their education and job prospects. In addition to the development of new fields and career choices, there is an expansion of those that have previously been available. Couple these opportunities with scholarships now available and single mothers have are in a better position than ever before.

Government scholarships now allow for almost $10,000 a year to cover the cost of education. This includes not only the tuition and books, but associated expenses that may result, such as child care. It can also be used to cover costs for travel and other such costs related to the education.

It does not require a herculean effort to take advantage of this opportunity. In fact, the first step is free and can be done online with completion of an application for student aid from the federal government. You can do this online or also visit your local college to acquire the form.

Aside from qualifying for the money, you need to decide what college you will attend. Nowadays, there are many online colleges offering a wide range of fields, so finding a college to meet your needs should not be difficult. For many single mothers, online colleges are a perfect choice since they allow staying at home with the children and also often self-paced study.

There is no downside to increasing your education. It improves your candidacy for positions and makes you eligible for higher pay and increased benefits. Taking advantage of this opportunity is an obvious choice to improve your life.

There is no excuse to pass on this opportunity if you are looking to improve your own life as well as the lives of your family.

You can get a $10,000 scholarship just for registering. You can do it free and online right now !


As a mother, I know how hard it is to go back to school so I did some research for you.

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Working Mothers Have More Opportunity Than Ever to Improve Their Education

Working mothers are in a better opportunity than ever before to take advantage of opportunities to further their education and improve their lives. Increased pay and benefits and more highly-sought positions are now within reach through improved education, which is available through previously-unparalleled opportunities. The federal government is now making scholarships available so that working mothers can improve their education and job prospects, opportunities that were never available before.

Under President Obama, the federal government has made more aid available than before to assist working mothers with their familial obligations while seeking better education. What does that mean in plain English? Scholarships from the federal government are now available that will help with the cost of your tuition, books and other expenses related to your schooling. In other words, these scholarships will help pay the way as you seek to improve your standing in life.

The big plus is that these are scholarships and not loans. This means that they will never have to be paid back. Essentially, it is free money to cover the costs of your education. It is not just tuition and books, either – it is also other related costs to your education. Child care, repairs on your car, travel – all of these costs would qualify if they are needed to facilitate your learning. That is tremendous assistance towards making yourself qualify for better-paying positions.

The amount of money available from these scholarships matches an annual amount of almost $10,000, which would be extremely helpful in financing your way through school.

Also available now more than ever before is the opportunity for online learning. Deciding to continue your education does not mean you have to physically attend a college to qualify. If online courses are available, you can choose to take those and still qualify. This would allow you to stay home while studying and also more often allows leeway in the timing of your studies.

There is no visible reason to not take advantage of this opportunity.

You can receive a scholarship of $10,000 just for registering – and it’s free! Do it online right now.


As a mother, I know how hard it is to go back to school so I did some research for you.

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How to Write a Resume to Get the Job

If you’re wondering how to write a resume to get the job, this article is for you. First of all, remember, your resume is a piece of paper that represents you. Now, that may sound simple and basic, even silly, but a resume really is your representative. It tells the hiring company how good you are and why you should be hired. It also helps the hiring company compare your skills with the skills of others who want the same job. Because of that you have to make your resume stand out. Your resume has to tell the hiring manager why your experience is exactly what they need.

When preparing to apply for a job, and wondering how to write a resume to get the job, remember that a resume is an opportunity to tell the hiring manager just how good you are. One of the quotes I believe in is: “If it’s true it’s not bragging”. Each one of us has something we are good at. While you are, or were, on your latest job stop and think about what your job tasks included. Also, stop and think about what you were really good at. Now, stop and think about why you were considered “great” or “excellent” at that particular thing. If you are including that skill as a resume item then you should be able to answer “What did you do that makes you believe you were Excellent at that task?” You should feel comfortable writing down that you actually did certain things. Notice I said “did”… or “do”, in the case of your current job. Do not write that your were “responsible” for any task. Being responsible doesn’t mean that you actually did the task, or that you had the chance to be very successful at doing that task. After sharing what you did, you should write the benefit that your skills brought to your department and the company. That will help make the connection between your excellence at a task, the skill the hiring company is looking for, and how you will bring value to the hiring company.

Companies looking for a new employee have lots of resumes to review. This is why you need to know how to write a resume to get the job. Many times people will use computer programs to help them look for key words in a resume. With the computer they can narrow down the number of candidates for the job they’re trying to fill. If a resume doesn’t contain the exact key words and phrases as shown in the job description the resume will be rejected without ever actually being seen. Be very careful to review the job description and job posting to compare the wording in your resume with those two things. You don’t want to miss the chance to interview for a job because of a computer not being able to read it correctly.

First, an effective resume should have a heading that contains your name, address, contact phone numbers and e-mail address. It should also contain the following categories: Objectives, Education, Employment History – which includes the excellent job experience and accomplishments mentioned above – and any awards you may have received. The awards should be job related.

Second, there are many styles of resumes to consider. Different industries may be used to seeing one particular style, and you should do some research to determine which style will give you the best presentation. When you really think about how to write a resume to get the job you’ll notice that there is more to writing an effective resume than just putting your name, education, and jobs on paper and submitting it.

Additionally, there are a couple more things you want to remember when you ask yourself about how to write a resume to get the job. Keep it brief and to-the-point. Think of talking to an interviewer as if you are counting off facts and figures. After identifying the name, company and the title of the job you held, bulletize the list of tasks that you successfully did. The benefit of this type of resume is that it keeps things simple, straight forward, and easy to review. It also gives the person reading it a list of skills that they can easily repeat to someone on your behalf and not miss any of the details. When they talk to the person that needs the job filled, wouldn’t it be great if your resume items were the most valuable and the easiest to recall?

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How to Find a Job – Selling Yourself

Some people are more shy and reserved than others, and some people are just naturally humble. If you are one of these modest and retiring types, however, you’ll have to fight those qualities as best you can so you can make yourself stand out during a job search. In today’s competitive job market you really have to be able to sell yourself, your skills and your best qualities with confidence.

The job interview is an important place for selling yourself. Arrive early to the interview (and get a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast beforehand). Enter the room with your head high; stride right through the door, smile and greet your prospective employer with a firm handshake and solid eye contact. The truth is, it doesn’t really matter how you feel-how nervous or timid you might be-as long as you can effectively fake confidence and enthusiasm. Answer every question succinctly-don’t ramble-and be positive. Explain what education you’ve had, what experience you’ve had, and what talents you have that would make you a perfect fit for this organization. It’s a good idea to get a friend or family member to practice your job interview with you several times before the big day so you have some clear answers in your mind. (At the same time, however, you don’t want to memorize specific lines-this could make your answers come off as rote, and you might stumble if you’re trying to recite a canned line.) All of your answers should revolve around one central theme: how can you be an asset to this company and build up their value? Keep making eye contact, sit up nice and tall, and listen carefully to each question so that you’re answering exactly what’s being asked. Thank the employer for his or her time, and leave with another smile and another firm handshake. You can follow up the interview with a brief note thanking the person who interviewed you for his or her time.

A favorite job interview question, by the way, is “Please tell me about yourself.” The best answer for this question, which really can put an interviewee on the spot, is to describe the talents and experience you have that would make you ideal for the job opening, and not to delve into personal matters.

You also want to sell yourself on your resume, which means all of the things that you can do for a company to help create value should be prominently displayed. All relevant educational and job experience needs to be highlighted. It helps if you research a company carefully before submitting a resume, so you can tailor the resume to the specific needs of a company.

Don’t be shy about seeing a career counselor for help, either. He or she can really help you punch up your resume, and this person can stage detailed mock job interviews with you as well, and then offer pertinent tips and critiques.

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