Communication and Networking

Communication and networking skills are very important in career development. Great careers do not happen accidentally, it requires persistence, introspection, with the right people to achieve this. Most people would benefit from knowing more about career development and the skills that one can employ to ensure that they are developing their career at a pace that is acceptable to them. Career development is not a one time thing that one does; it is a lengthy process that requires one to set milestones for each stage that they are in with regards to their career.

In today’s competitive business environment, developing one’s career requires more than just a good education and job experience. One has to have an edge over the thousands of other well educated experienced individuals that are after the same position or career path as you are. Communication and networking skills are some of the skills that one needs to learn if they are going to get this edge.

Effective communication skills form the heart of networking as well as career success. Most employers look for strong communication skills in their potential employees. Being able to communicate with clients, co-workers and upper management is of utmost importance. One has to be able to convey their thoughts if the job is to be done properly; ideas that are stuck in your mind are of no use to anyone even to yourself. Often, you will find that people that are promoted in the various jobs are not usually promoted because of the technical skills that they possess but because of the communication and networking skills that they possess.

Communication involves both listening to other people and getting people to see things your way. If you do not listen to other people’s ideas or suggestions then it is unlikely that you will ever learn anything new. Furthermore, they will not be open to listening to what you have to say; people will usually give you what you dish out.

With regards to networking, one has to mix with the ‘right people’ in order to advance their career. Mentorship is one way to achieve this; find someone that is an expert in your field and learn as much as you can from them.

Always talk to your boss and ask her/him to tell you ways in which you can do your job better. Office parties are also a great place to network with peers and superiors. Such events provide an opportunity to make use of one’s communication and networking skills to go up the career ladder. – Your guide to climbing the Corporate Ladder


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