How to Write a Resume to Get the Job

If you’re wondering how to write a resume to get the job, this article is for you. First of all, remember, your resume is a piece of paper that represents you. Now, that may sound simple and basic, even silly, but a resume really is your representative. It tells the hiring company how good you are and why you should be hired. It also helps the hiring company compare your skills with the skills of others who want the same job. Because of that you have to make your resume stand out. Your resume has to tell the hiring manager why your experience is exactly what they need.

When preparing to apply for a job, and wondering how to write a resume to get the job, remember that a resume is an opportunity to tell the hiring manager just how good you are. One of the quotes I believe in is: “If it’s true it’s not bragging”. Each one of us has something we are good at. While you are, or were, on your latest job stop and think about what your job tasks included. Also, stop and think about what you were really good at. Now, stop and think about why you were considered “great” or “excellent” at that particular thing. If you are including that skill as a resume item then you should be able to answer “What did you do that makes you believe you were Excellent at that task?” You should feel comfortable writing down that you actually did certain things. Notice I said “did”… or “do”, in the case of your current job. Do not write that your were “responsible” for any task. Being responsible doesn’t mean that you actually did the task, or that you had the chance to be very successful at doing that task. After sharing what you did, you should write the benefit that your skills brought to your department and the company. That will help make the connection between your excellence at a task, the skill the hiring company is looking for, and how you will bring value to the hiring company.

Companies looking for a new employee have lots of resumes to review. This is why you need to know how to write a resume to get the job. Many times people will use computer programs to help them look for key words in a resume. With the computer they can narrow down the number of candidates for the job they’re trying to fill. If a resume doesn’t contain the exact key words and phrases as shown in the job description the resume will be rejected without ever actually being seen. Be very careful to review the job description and job posting to compare the wording in your resume with those two things. You don’t want to miss the chance to interview for a job because of a computer not being able to read it correctly.

First, an effective resume should have a heading that contains your name, address, contact phone numbers and e-mail address. It should also contain the following categories: Objectives, Education, Employment History – which includes the excellent job experience and accomplishments mentioned above – and any awards you may have received. The awards should be job related.

Second, there are many styles of resumes to consider. Different industries may be used to seeing one particular style, and you should do some research to determine which style will give you the best presentation. When you really think about how to write a resume to get the job you’ll notice that there is more to writing an effective resume than just putting your name, education, and jobs on paper and submitting it.

Additionally, there are a couple more things you want to remember when you ask yourself about how to write a resume to get the job. Keep it brief and to-the-point. Think of talking to an interviewer as if you are counting off facts and figures. After identifying the name, company and the title of the job you held, bulletize the list of tasks that you successfully did. The benefit of this type of resume is that it keeps things simple, straight forward, and easy to review. It also gives the person reading it a list of skills that they can easily repeat to someone on your behalf and not miss any of the details. When they talk to the person that needs the job filled, wouldn’t it be great if your resume items were the most valuable and the easiest to recall?

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